Arts & Sciences Radio Spot

I recorded a radio spot for the TTU College of Arts & Sciences that aired on KTTZ-FM Lubbock in October 2017. Transcript:

Hi, I’m Kendall Gerdes. I study rhetoric and technical communication, and I direct the Media Lab in Texas Tech’s English Department.

“Rhetoric” isn’t just empty words. The study of rhetoric is actually about the power that language has: to direct our attention, inflame our passions, and shape and change our ways of thinking.

In the Media Lab, we look at how digital genres like podcasts, videogames, and social media are amplifying and altering those powers.

Digital rhetoric is about how technology is transforming and translating the powers of language into new media environments, and how what we see, touch, and hear shapes who we think we are.

I’m Kendall Gerdes for Texas Tech’s College of Arts & Sciences. We Build Innovators.