Digital Portfolio

This portfolio assembles my projects and credentials in composing, teaching, and theorizing with emerging digital literacies. Over the past five years of my graduate program, I worked at UT Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab, including two years as Assistant Director. Here are a few highlights from what I’ve accomplished.

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In 2011, I joined the DWRL as a member of the Immersive Environments project group. We designed and implemented an alternate reality game for the rhetoric classroom, called Battle Lines. Our research was published in the Kairos article “Crossing Battle Lines: Teaching Multimodal Literacies Through Alternate Reality Games” in 2013. Our webtext won the Kairos Best Webtext Award in 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.25.49 PMIn 2012-2013, I lead a project group that researched ebooks and their potential utility for the DWRL. We used Apple iBooks Author to write and design our ebook, and then we developed versions in the more widely accessible .pdf and .epub formats. Our ebook is available on iTunes in the .ibook format (or in .pdf and .epub here).

In 2014, I revised the criteria for the Digital Writing and Research Certificate program. I then designed and built a site for the program using Drupal. The site including a members-only dashboard featuring submission forms and a leaderboard. I earned my DWR Certificate in 2015.

In 2015, I redesigned the DWRL’s website, moving our content management system from Drupal to WordPress. The redesign met the DWRL’s need to make our research more visible by restructuring the site around a regularly updated research blog instead of static content.

As an Assistant Director, I also trained other instructors to use digital skills and technologies in their classrooms. I lead workshops on using Photoshop, digital productivity tools, and social media. You can learn more about these competencies on my Digital Writing and Research Certificate page, or learn more about my digital pedagogy on my Teaching page.