Digital Dialogs 2

Blogging Pedagogy screenshot

This Digital Dialog started as an idea batted around among Assistant Directors (ADs) in the Digital Writing and Research Lab (DWRL) about how to satisfy the Digital Dialogs requirement of our Certificates! Thinking collaboratively, we put together a roundtable on our experience as ADs. Steven LeMieux and I ironed out the details: we would generate questions in an email thread, then answer each others’ questions asynchronously in a Google Doc. We asked all the recent and current ADs in our program to participate (Eric Detweiler, Cate Blouke, Megan Gianfagna, and Will Burdette).

I shepherded the conversation along by email, prodding people to answer a few questions at a time, but trying to keep the order in which we answered them a little mixed up so that each author could respond to or take into account the answers that came before them. From the time we invited questions, we thought of this Digital Dialog as potentially useful to future lab member who might want to apply for an ADship: they could learn about the requirements of this job, and how best to position themselves to get it if they are interested.

Our conversation covered several of the Digital Dialogs topics, including access to technology (many of us remarked that our ADship put in close enough contact to learn more digital skills and tools), collaborative strategies in the digital classroom (getting comfortable enough to take risks with digital technologies in our classes), and perhaps most obviously digital scholarship and hiring (we’re all preoccupied with the job market!) But this is also a collaboratively and digitally authored document, qualities that I think give this Dialog a conversational openness suited to the ethos of the lab.