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This skill area includes websites (HTML, Drupal, WordPress, etc.), wikis, blogs, and other such technologies. Such platforms should constitute your relatively static and public professional web presence. Your web platform(s) might include your CV, multimedia/multimodal projects, professional biographical details, short-form writing (e.g. blog posts on current issues in the field/Digital Dialogs), and/or any components of your DWR Certificate work that you are interested in making public. >>>

Composed January 2014

I set out to collect my web presences under one roof by working on my DWRL Instructor site. I thought I could learn how to use Drupal by messing around with it, but I messed too much, installing add-ons with the aim of embedding a tumblog on the site, and I broke it. I didn’t give up on Drupal (this time, unlike so many times before), because I’m aware of how powerful it can be, once you get the hang of it: Instead, I took my experiment to Drupal Gardens, where I’m on a slightly less steep learning curve since the Drupal Gardens interface basically packages some of the related decisions for you. Meanwhile, I decided to make do with this WordPress site, since I already learned to use WordPress during my Fall 309K. (Actually, I learned how to use WordPress by setting up this site, playing with the banner, widgets, and pages. So it’s fitting that I’ve returned here to start my certificate work.) I’ve also been brushing up on HTML fundamentals over at CodeAcademy, which walks you through tutorial code projects and gives you instant feedback on whether your code is valid and does what it’s supposed to.

So while I don’t yet have a single, established home for all my presences, that is an eventual goal of mine as I repair and expand my Drupal sites. You can still find my name disseminated throughout the following fields of intensity (and after all, the dissemination of this presence in some ways better serves the goal of becoming easily recognized on the web). Selected evidence of my (absent) presence on the web:

1. VisualCV

2. LinkedIn

3. Academia.edu

Academia.edu4. The Department of Rhetoric & Writing*

DRW profile

5. The Digital Writing & Research Lab*

DWRL Staff page


HASTAC profile

7. Disqus

Disqus profile

8. Google+

Google+ profile

9. Kairos article “Crossing Battle Lines”*

Kairos article credit

10. Google image search results for “ancient rhetorics”**

"ancient rhetorics" Google image search

Last but not least, I also have an academic tumblr, where I have enough facility to make a custom title image and link it back to the home page:


* Photoshopped myself to the top.

** Not photoshopped. Seriously, search for “ancient rhetorics“!


Vitae profile