On this page, you’ll find a selection of student comments taken from teaching evaluations from each of my courses. For a numerical summary of my evals, or for detailed copies of my evals, please contact me at kendall.gerdes@ttu.edu.

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Professional Report Writing (TTU, Fall 2016)

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Really pushes students to create their best work after explaining content.

Very effective teaching and grading system. Also knowledgeable in the selected content for this class. Enjoyed this course.

Fantastic educator! Students can see her passion for communication and discourse. I learned a lot of techniques in this class that I plan on using in my future career. Dr. G is a great addition to Texas Tech University!

Very knowledgeable and very passionate. She wants her students to learn and makes sure they do. One of my favorite classes & teachers.

Dr. Gerdes was a great professor that gave me a new outlook on writing and how to become better at breaking down ideas.

Great class where you actually learn practical writing skills especially in a professional manner. Dr. Gerdes is awesome and I really respect her ability to teach and her insight on professional writing.

I learned most through in class activities and participation. By sharing with you my ideas on things as we learn them, it helped me get a better understanding of the parts I was missing. Sharing the exercises aloud and receiving direct feedback I was able to fully understand the concept.

Dr. Gerdes is so warm and welcoming and nonjudgmental.

Yes! This was the most amazing class I have ever taken in terms of engaging with my peers and that was what made this my favorite class throughout my college career.

The way she teaches is effective and not confusing. I leave class knowing exactly what she expects and I feel like I really learned. Like, the real kind of learning that sticks with you forever, not the binge learning we all do when the professor is terrible.

Extremely competent. I’ve learned more in this class than I have in the other classes I’m taking this semester, and I expected it to be boring.

All around I loved this course, which is weird considering I am an Accounting major who doesn’t enjoy to write. Thanks for an awesome semester!!

I absolutely love not only your way of teaching but also how you communicate with your students. Your class has been one of my most enjoyable and I would recommend it to others. Keep doing what your doing with the LR and grading and know that your teaching does make a difference.

Thank you for making this class so enjoyable. I did not ever feel as though the things I was learning were useless and your constant engagement with your students made me feel like you actually cared about each of us individually. I never wanted to miss this class because of the experience I got from just being here.

Rhetoric and Prose Style (UT, Spring 2015)

Enrollment = 18

This was the best run class I’ve been a part of in my 2 years at the University of Texas. Just the way she incorporated the students and listened to us and gave us feedback were all very welcoming.

It was a conversation not a lecture, the examples were relevant, modern, and inviting. There was never any pressure for a particular line of thinking and she did a stellar job at creating an accepting atmosphere. I’m still blown away by the discussion of trigger warnings we had during the first two weeks of school — that’s so revolutionary and I wish a lot of my instructors took that kind of care to create this kind of good environment.

Kendall was extremely respectful and definitely encouraged us to question ourselves. Even if someone was wrong, there was always a complete display of respect from both Kendall and the class.

Yes! Kendall made us challenge our own beliefs in an unimaginable way. We constantly were challenging the way we see writing, style, rhetoric, and the way we have been taught. Kendall’s teaching made us think critically.

KG was one of the most open-minded instructors I have had over the last decade of learning. She was willing to listen, yet she always included herself in the discussions. Also, her sense of humor remind me that I was asking a person a question, rather than this formal authoritative figure, making her easier to approach.

Kendall was a great teacher from a material standpoint, but also is just a great person to be around and start my mornings with. If I could take another class with her, I wouldn’t even hesitate to sign up!

I think she is the best teacher I have ever had. I’m not just saying that. She was very competent in teaching about course content and made this class feel like home. I really enjoyed coming to class every day and got more out of it than I did in any other class.

Very competent…I learned more about writing in this class then I have in any informal and formal educational setting.

Rhetoric of Failure. (UT, Fall 2013)

Enrollment = 21

I really enjoyed our group discussion exercises. Breaking in to small groups of three or four forced us to engage the topics more actively than discussion as an entire class. Then before concluding, when the groups would all compare comments, everyone had something concrete to discuss.

Yes!!! She was very very very very very helpful and made learning a priority, not grades. I think this fact alone made me want to go to class and made me want to speak up more in class. She was probably one of my favorite teachers at UT. I have recommended her to many of my friends if they ever take rhetoric classes.

Yes. I always felt that my opinions were heard and respected. I appreciated hearing her takes on the readings because they usually made me look at them in a different way.

Yes. Yes…but everyone will disagree at some point. Wasn’t anything we couldn’t bring up, and I don’t think any less of her for her opinions however so different from mine they are.

I felt that she was very competent, as we were always provoked to engage with each other and our readings during class time.

This was a class that I came into just to get the credit, but it ended up being one of the best classes that I have taken so far at the University.

Rhetoric and Writing. (UT, Spring 2013)

Enrollment = 21

The exercises on the Google Docs were very helpful because we got to review what we read but also because we were able to see what our peers were taking from our readings. I learned the most from the assignments we were given that were just pieces of a bigger assignment ( Like Topic Proposals, Stakes and Communities) because it made our projects so much easier to handle.

discussion was open to anyone who wanted to contribute, even if it was just to reiterate. She was also able to make sense of what the student was saying and translate it so that everyone could understand.

She was really open in allowing us to speak, and she doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable after asking questions or stating something for the whole class to hear. Most professors usually don’t show much interest in what you have to say, but Dr. Gerdes made it seem like everyone’s comment is of value and she really did show her interest to the class in general.

I feel that my instructor was open to and respectful of students’ opinions we the assignments we had, we were allowed to pick our own topic but would were require to include the different sides of the topic, not just our position, as a form to be open to different view, as shown in our writing.

I feel she’s extremely knowledgeable about the course. She knew the material forwards and back and was able to teach us some of the things she has learned through graduate school. She’s really passionate about this course and I really liked that she was interested in our growth of the knowledge and being able to teach us everything she thought was important for us to know.

While I personally don’t have a lot in common with my teacher, she was a great influence on my writing and ability to argue and think critically. When I am practicing law in the near future (I hope) I will for sure use the skills I learned in this class in my every day life.

Rhetoric and Writing. (UT, Fall 2012)

Enrollment = 17

I felt that the course syllabus was pretty well structured and that the topics that were listed on the syllabus all got about the same amount of attention. Even if a topic had to be moved to a different date we always got around to all the material and each class was very informative and productive.

I really enjoyed the in class activities, especially the ones that called for us to share our work with our classmates. I’m sure at times everyone is a little self-conscious about their work, but those exercises really helped with our confidence, and improved our writing.

THE REVISIONS WERE SO USEFUL. I never really liked doing peer reviews, but the conference drafts were so incredibly useful. They gave me confidence in my writing, and really helped shed some light on how to not just improve that one single paper, but all of my writing in general. 

I have never spent as much time as I have in this class revising, but I feel like it was well worth my benefit. I will continue to approach revisions like I did in this class.

The use of the wiki helped the class keep organized but it also helped the students learn from each other. I know when I had trouble, I went straight to the wiki to get an idea how to start.

Even though I am shy, I felt that if I had a question or comment it would be acknowledged, thought about, and discussed.

Yes, Kendall was open and respectful to ALL opinions, I believe. And yes, my beliefs were sometimes questioned, but she taught me how to question my beliefs and then use that questioning to make my argument stronger regarding my beliefs.

She was very knowledgable about the course content. I felt that she was very passionate about the class she was teaching and that she had a clear goal in mind with this course.

She was very good about getting feedback to us in time for us to utilize it for our future work. Personally, I relied more on written feedback from the instructor.

Rhetoric and Writing. (UT, Summer 2012)

Enrollment: 9

It was very well organized, I think we went over topics very clearly. I believe that the readings came at the correct time (in correlation with each paper) and the semester was fast, organized, and fair.

The in-class revision exercises were the most helpful and enjoyable for me. I learned the most from the composition and revision of the second paper though, as it required abstract thinking and analysis of new subjects.

The activities that were most useful to me were the ones that were hands on. Like the activity where we had to go through the works cited page and identify and correct the errors on the page. I think the activity that benefited me the most was the activity where we revised sentences because it helped my ability to write a sentence a certain way to convey a certain idea.

I think the revisions were very helpful because they meant that I was always continually improving my papers. I think by the time paper 3 came around, I was able to see the flaws in my writing and that was due to the revisions we did earlier.

I had some doubts about the utility of a class wiki at first but found the system simple to learn and useful for turning in assignments without excessively depleting tree populations.

From the first class, the meetings seemed more like an informal gathering than a class. This intimate atmosphere encouraged much more discussion. The students and instructor were on a first name basis, and frequently joked about topics being discussed.

I though she was very respectful to our opinions. When writing my paper, I did see the other side and really thought about why that side believes what they do. I gained a better understanding of looking at both sides of an argument.

This class ended up being a lot more fun and helpful then I thought. At first I was nervous because I know my writing skills are limited, but I feel I learned a lot that will actually stick with me. Having one on one time with the instructor was very beneficial and should definitely be continued with other courses.

Rhetoric and Writing. (UT, Fall 2011)

Enrollment: 19

I really enjoyed being in your class this semester. You have a gift and its teaching. You really listen and understand your students and that is what I have really enjoyed.

Professor Gerdes definitely knew the best ways to teach our class. I always walk away from each class with more knowledge and understanding of rhetoric.

I really liked how the instructor would take time to hold one-on-one conferences after every paper to discuss how they can be improved. It helped me a lot.

Professor Gerdes was a really good professor. She cared about the progress of her students and wanted to see how well you improved over the semester. One thing I really like about her was that she gave one-on-one conferences to give you feedback and tell you what to improve on your next paper. Peer review was very effective too.